Kyshera ( Artist Review)

Kyshera is an Alternative Rock act from Cardiff, South Wales.
 The trio- James Kennedy (Guitar & Vocals), Matt Warr (Bass) and Glyn Bateman (Drums) are best described " as a welcome change to the rock scene" with their unique brand of heavy guitars and melody vocal lines.
The band create a blend of rock that has not been experienced since those heady days of the 2000s. They have earned critical acclaim from media outlets one would say are better placed than I to throw out superlatives. BBC Radio 1 sate they were " Warped Genius", whilst Classic Rock Magazine labelled them as " pioneering innovators"

 One listens to either of their three albums- 2010 debut " Paradigm", 2012's Made In China & 2015 Circles- may prove a hard one to argue with. Moreover, Kyshera has also gained notoriety as a live act that plays explosive shows. The band made a breakthrough with the progressive and experimental " Made In China before a crowdfunding campaign helped gain funds needed to create breakthrough album Circles, an album that has been described as the trio's most accessible to date. And it is with this latest, I shall begin my review of this innovative and explorative of acts- Kyshera;
Napoleon is a fine start with its dynamic and bombastic guitar-driven sound. The combination of melodic and harsh vocals creates a staple part of heavy metal stylings with pounding drums, sing-along choruses and an effects-driven solo that closes the track. A fully likeable track that will take people of a certain age back to those nu-metal days.

Behind Enemy Lines, This track leans more towards Nu-Metal stylings with Downtuned Bass, distorted feedback, and chunky guitars that grimace in unison to Kennedy's impassioned lyrics that I think relate to self- identity.

Demon This has to be the standout track on the album with a more commercially accepted sound. The full throttle cries of " You are an animal, and I am your demon" creates a melodic hook that will have fans singing long into the night. I feel the track is about fighting your conscience. The songwriting behind the track is essential with its macabre riff that is personified Tom Morello-esque fretwork guitar and dual melodic/rapping vocals.

  Gone and The Wrong Size favouring more the ballads side of things with tracks that would be apt as closers. This is where the album picks up its intensity once again with Inertia showcasing why this is Kyshera's most accessible album to date. This eerie track has all the hallmarks of a radio hit with the distorted power chords and sardonic vocals reflect the dark nature of the lyrical content of loss and anger. The album wraps up with the aptly titled

The End This tearjerker is a ballad that reflects on moving on. The whispered vocals and acoustic guitar lines help this track be an appropriate finish. Overall, Circles has it's moments with some genuinely rocky tracks that can appeal to a marketable demographic. However, the album does seem to go missing at times during the second half. I feel that Kyshera are a talented hard rock outfit that deserves to be amongst their contemporaries. The production values are a testament to the band's hard work and passion for music. One listens to their three albums will instantly lead you to understand why the Welshmen are so underrated.

 If you'd like to hear more from this outfit, you can visit their website at http://www.kyshera.com/ or, alternatively you can follow the band vis their social media links below;


 https://twitter.com/kyshera https:

//www.youtube.com/user/kyshera You can hear tracks from the album below;

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