Jimmy Hennessy- Coming Home - ( Single Review)

London- Born singer/songwriter Jimmy Hennessey was raised in the Republic Of Ireland on a staple diet of folk music and ballads. The guitarist has recently been gaining radio exposure and accumulating 10 million streams on his music.

Hennessey now releases latest single" Coming Home", from his debut album Busker Man, which was released in July. He has been described as having "a powerful, emotional voice"; which becomes apparent in this track. Hennessey demonstrates a combination of rich vocals with well- crafted songwriting skills to produce a feelgood song, which comes as no surprise that it has been a radio hit.

"Coming Home" does have the added values of all the songwriter cliches ( whistling, basic chord patterns, harmonised vocals) etc that makes this track work so well. The opening notes begin with the harmonious whistles that help underlie the overall tone.

 Hennessey's whimsical reflections of returning home relate to the listener of a gentleman, who really misses it. The multi-layered use of clapping, piano and acoustic guitar rounds off this upbeat folk track that had this writer tapping his foot long after listening.

Busker Man is now available to buy via Spotify, Deezer and other musical platforms.

If you'd like more information about Jimmy Hennesey, you can do so by visiting http://www.facebook.com/jimmyhennessymusic, & http://www.twitter.com/jimmy_h_music

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