Tom Auton- Stay (Single review)

Tom Auton is a 19-year old singer/ songwriter prodigy from Cardiff, Wales. Tom started learning guitar and piano at the age of 9, which has played a large part in his music writing.
If that is not all, he won two national first place awards at "Open Mic UK ( 2014) and " Future Music UK Song Writing Competition a year later.
Tom made his breakthrough breaking into Fender's top Ten undiscovered artists' list, which is an achievement for someone so young. 
He now releases his second EP ' Big Glass Little Bowl',  a follow up to a highly successful debut.

Tom's next single Stay has all the swagger and bravado to be a hit. The overall bluesy sound supplements the hubris of the star's lyrical content about a song  I believe is about falling for the wrong woman.
The simple guitar lines stretch and squeal along to the star's cool vibe. His vocals are not too flashy but are suited to a simple electric acoustic song like this. I would personally like to hear more from this star to see how far he can go with his mercurial talents.
The addition of an edgier piano sound creates another dimension to the music. As one critic, quoted "The young singer songwriter should fill out a deed poll and change his name to The Alchemist - as everything he touches turns to gold.” David Owens,  Music Critic.
 He certainly may be on his way towards reaching gold with more tracks like this one.

You can listen to the track below:

If you like the sound of this, please find more from Tom via his website below


Alternatively, you can follow him via www.facebook.com/tomautonmusic
and  www.twitter.com/tomauton

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