Monky Fighters- She From Keg ( Single Review)

Monkey Fighters describe themselves as " Presidents of the Stone Age, or Queens of the USA". This quirky statement underlies the band's energy and strong personality that comes from a band starting off. The Bristol- based group originally formed in 2003. However, the band soon disbanded after releasing an EP, amid a few lineup changes with drummers. They have now returned with a re-recording of those tracks, and recently released debut single
" She From Tiny Keg", initially published at the tail end of last month via all good digital platforms and streaming services.

Monkey Fighters play alternative- grunge- prog rock with an extra does of Punk added to the mix.  If this doesn't pique your interest, the opening riff will whet your appetite. The combination of an edgy bassline and the opening chords of the crunchy guitar riff will instantly keep you hooked. The track manages to sustain this high tempo riff throughout over the steady tempo of bass, that hints at elements of the blues. This keeps the song fresh and engaging for the listener, which supplements the rich vocal lines. The lyrical content is as quirky as the band's name suggest. Yet, this track is a finely constructed piece that climaxes with a well rounded solo that screeches in tandem with the thundering echoes of impressive drumming.

Monkey Fighters may have won the first battle here.

if you'd like more information, please visit their website http://www.helphelpmonkeyfighters.com

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