Freya Alley- Come Back ( Single Review)

Freya Alley is a Singer/ Songwriter based in London.

 She originally arrived in the UK from Lithuania in 2011 to pursue her musical career. Alley soon teamed up with renowned Producer Laurence Hobbs who has achieved success with Sam Smith and Pixie Lott.

 Freya says of her music, "I write my music about inner fights, mistakes, love, unfulfilled dreams, feelings, freedom, addictions and being trapped with someone or within something. I’ve always felt differently when listening to or playing music. I started to hear melodies, sounds and create lyrics in my mind when I was young. Slowly I started to see it as the way of life and put all my energy and spirit into it"  Her music is described as "atmospheric, Cinematic and Poetic", Throw in "Haunting, Melodic, Dark and mesmerising," and that best sums ups Come back. The latest in a number of singles she began to release in 2017

Alley delivers a deep and delicate sound replete with fine string arrangements and emotive lyrics. The opening resonance of piano chords strikes a shiver down one's spine before Alley's harmonic vocals open up like the wild roses she speaks of.   The tempo builds with every image expressed about the lost love she laments. The violins and synths create stirring rhythmic patterns that are as chilling, as they are heart rendering.  The breakdown with the intelligent usage of electric programming does lead the listener to experience every painstaking moment of the singer's anguish. 

Please find a link to track below 

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