Sarah Caltieri- Stranger To Me Now ( Single Review)

Sarah Caltieri is something of a divine talent on the up. The Award-winning singer/actor has built something of a portfolio with her increasing array of capabilities.

Caltieri has appeared at several festivals, featured on FM radio stations and made appearances on GMTV's Lorraine show and her first recordings broadcast on Channel 4's Cutting Edge program. She has been busy promoting her debut solo album Something I Couldn't Say, which latest single Stranger To Me Now,  A beautifully crafted indie/ rock track fused with angelic charm.

This track reminds me of early KT Tunstall with its upbeat rhythm section and strong message of moving on from someone who does not believe in you. I can see why it has featured so prominently on the radio. Caltieri has that similar appeal with her crisp and powerful range opening proceedings before her backing band comes into play with the steady drumming patterns and a driving burst of rhythmic electric guitar and equally mesmerising bass lines that will keep the listener hooked towards the end. Caltieri certainly has the platform to build towards further things in her career.

You can listen to the track below;

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