Nelson King Shine On ( Single Review)

Nelson King is a Lo-Fi, Indie singer, based in Brighton, England.  King is fast becoming a hit on the Indie scene with many describing his music as a prolific catalogue of material that navigates an array of genres with effortless versatility.

He now releases Shine on, his next single off latest album Shine. King names The Beatles, Tr-ex and Jimi Hendrix as his influences, which are none more evident than on this track. An acoustic and melodic track that would be expected to grace the airwaves of all national radio stations. 

The song is simple without any complex structures. which is why I believe can become a hit. King's vocals are raw and receptive to any listener taking a long drive home from work. The strumming pattern is basic with subtle backbeats with a singalong chorus and beautiful fingerpicking that blend with an accustomed backing drum track that provides a tight rhythm.

You can listen to the track below

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  1. Nelson King, Brighton's answer to Bob Dylan, check out his latest Album out now.