Just aJester- Someone Like You ( Single Review)

London-born Just A Jester AKA Timothy Daniel Whittaker has had an illustrious career in the music industry, having supported established musicians like Van Morrison, played with Stuart Copeland of The Police and performed 7 times at Glastonbury Festival. Whittaker now releases his second solo track Someone Like You, a charming and upbeat acoustic track enthusing full of wisdom.

 Someone Like You starts off the subtle taps of cymbals that leads to the uptempo and bright tones of guitar loops that transitions into a huge pop chorus. The strumming pattern and reflective lyrics produce a warm song that builds nicely to satisfactory finish. The bridges are delightful as the vocals are receptive to new listeners. This is a track I feel shares similarities with the rock band Biffy Clyro and is understandable why Just A Jester has been a regular at Festivals. This is certainly a track that could be a successful summer track.

You can listen to the track via Spotify or find more information via www.facebook.com/timothy.d.whitaker

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