Ali Jacko- Think It Over ( Single Review)

Ali Jacko returns with Think it over,  a follow- up to last month’s single  What if I Loved You Like That.

 He aims to release 11 songs in 11 months accompanied by 11 music videos between January – November this year. Jacko is a London-born,  Bangladeshi ex-kickboxer who delivers another powerful track full of emotive lyrics and stirring tunes.

Think it Over begins with a melodic riff that bounces deliciously over bars that juxtapose with the soft vocals qualities, enriched with sentiment and feeling. The track builds to a big chorus accompanied by a tight rhythm section with steady drumming and subtle textures of keyboard help define this track that comes to life with a whipping solo that will bring you to your feet.

Jacko does share similarities to Bryan Adams with strong songwriting credentials and the ability to know where to strike listeners with catchy hooks. His music could easily see him become a regular on national radio.
 You can read my previous review of Ali Jacko in the link below 


And you can hear Think It Over below

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