The New Realm- Troublemaker ( Single Review)

The New Realm is a Hard Rock band from London, formed by brothers Lee Alexander (Vocals) and Ryan Margolis ( Piano) in 2009.

The New Realm have gone on to forge a promising fanbase by supporting a host of legendary artists at some of UK’s top live music venues, and headlining their own shows in London. The duo now releases Troublemaker from their forthcoming second studio album due out this summer. It's an enjoyable feelgood rock track filled with a big chorus and dazzling melodies that will definitely light up any arena!

 The track begins with an electric piano intro that moistens the ears before the listener is addressed by the warm vocals of Alexander cooing “ You! Little Troublemaker” that incorporates gentle subtleties of electric guitar and a steady drumming pattern that erupts with a catchy chorus that is reminiscent of Dave Grohl’s finest work. The song's final breakdown ends with the explosion of huge strikes of bright guitar chords and piano that supplements# the impressive vocal ranges expressed here.

The song transitions through several colourful melodic lines that build towards a pop- hook-laden chorus that’ll leave many fans flickering their lighters in the air. This is a well-structured track full of interweaving melodies and harmonies that attracts through slow bridges that picks the tracks up at the right time.
 For fans of Foo Fighters. You can find out more about the band via www.thenew-realm.com
or you follow them via social media at www.facebook.com/thenewrealm  and www.twitter.com/thekotr  

You can hear the track below

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