Pretty Gritty- Love Don't Live Here Anymore- (Single Review)

Pretty Gritty deliver a track that is as the band’s name suggests. “ Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is a sweet and enchanting track that will warm the hearts of anyone suffering in this cold weather.

 Pretty Gritty is a Portland-based Male / Female act, sung from the souls of Sarah Wolff and Blaine Heinonen. The duo sing crafted soulful harmonies against the backdrop of well-timed strums and beautiful lyrics. The Americana duo, originally from Rockville, Maryland, met at school where they both played in their respective bands. They crossed paths again when a mutual friend asked them to perform an “Open Mic”. Sarah herself came up with the name during an interview when describing their sound.

“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is their newest single from latest album “ Seven Year Itch”, produced by the iconic duo of Fred Cannon and Paul Buono.

Heinonen opens the track with a steady strumming pattern and raw vocal qualities that immediately grab at the heartstrings. Wolff interjects at the chorus to expose mellifluous harmonies that combine with the swirling backbeats that creates an atmospheric timbre that will leave no tears dropped. They sing Roots-y Americana that will leave many a listener feeling attracted to their harmonious voices.

Seven Year Itch is out now vis Spotify, iTunes, google play and Amazon

You can find further information via  http://www.prettygrittymusic.com/music/
 or follow the band;


In the meantime, you can listen to the track below

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