Days Indoors-Heaven can Wait ( Single Review)

DAYS INDOORS is a British Rock band formed in 2015 that consists of Joe Killington on vocals, Jean-Marc Valat on drums, Gonçalo Charneca (aka Gonzo) on guitars and Mathew D. Seal on bass. The quartet cites bands as diverse as Foo Fighters, The Killers, Radiohead and Stereophonics as influences. They take inspiration from “the unexpected beauty that everyday experience sometimes brings”.

 Heaven Can Wait is the group’s fourth single from their upcoming album Two Feet Under, due out this summer. This latest release is over Three minutes of energetic, pop- hook-laden rock that has the antidotes for a summer classic.

Heaven Can Wait starts a purge of power chords that takes the listener on an impending trip through Killington’s sweet and telling vocals. The lyrics are evocative and the music is bright and tender. Charneca’s guitar sound is crisp and up-tempo that supplement Seal’s pounding bass line that doesn’t miss a beat in tandem with Valat’s neat drumming.

The song reaches its climax with a nice breakdown passage that builds slowly to its finale. Chillington’s vocal timbre is delicate and enchanting that suits the tone.  Heaven Can Wait is a beautiful and melodic musical piece that would be suitable for long drives, as well as a future Festival fave.
New album Two Feet Under will be out June 2018.

You can listen to the track below;

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