Ali Jacko- What If I Loved You Like That ( Single Review)

Ali Jacko is a former Kickboxing Champion and singer/songwriter woke up one morning and decided to pursue a singing career. He has been growing a gradual fanbase through mass exposure on radio stations around the world. Jacko returns with this hard-hitting Ballad “ What If I Loved You Like That”.

 He has decided against an album release but has chosen an innovative act instead. He will release 11 singles and music videos in consecutive months between January and November 2018: This will be the singer’s third release.

This is a warm and effective tearjerker about lost love. Jacko’s influences are Bryan Adams and The Goo Goo Dolls, and it is not hard to hear the comparisons. Jacko’s delivers an evocative and powerful song through impressive vocal qualities and telling Lyrical content. Ali Jacko’s voice is measured and strong enough for rock combined with a talented backup band. The combination of piano and a catchy hook in the chorus create attentive textures that are reminiscent of Guns ‘N’ Roses Ballads. It is this form of song writing that targets the heartstrings and would impress a certain Bryan Adams.

Keep an eye out for Jacko’s next single “ Think It Over”, released this month.

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