Under The Radar- So Alive.

Under The Radar ( UTR) are a young up and coming rock band from Memphis, Tennessee that is slowly making waves in their native Homeland. Zeke ( Vocals and Lead Guitar) Aged 14, Matt ( Bass) Aged 14 and Ryan (Drums) Aged 15 are a trio of precocious teenagers with the aim to start “ A new rock revolution “with a reputation as one of the fastest rising bands. They first formed in 2014 and have opened up for such prestigious acts as Kansas, Brett Michaels, 38 special and Saliva. The boys recently released there 8-track Debut LP “ So Alive” via Independent Records with its melodic hooks, catchy lyrics and meaty riffs.This promises not to disappoint any rock fans. The opener Boom erupts with an explosive riff and that resonate around the stereo. This track comes with an effective chorus and slick solo that belies the band’s age. The album takes a more melodic direction with more pop- hook-laden choruses and fuzzy guitars, before the title track Under The Radar ignites the record with its mesmerising riffs and thunderous drumming that instantly attracts the listener to headbang. So Alive reaches full potential with clean vocals and heavy riffs that will leave anyone pounding there fists in the air with Down The Drain, a feel-good song with supporting backing vocals that will light up any stadium. The album closes with the bluesy Over Again is a foot-tapping riff and energetic rhythm that will keep listeners dancing throughout the night. So Alive is a great start for this young band with its polished production and talented members. The song writing and musicianship is a credit to the band’s maturity and certainly marks The sky is the limit for these Memphis Natives.


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